Meeting with the 8th Australian Political Exchange Council Philippine Delegation

Delegates of the 8th Philippine Delegation with APBC Treasurer Johnny Ching

From left to right: 1. Ms. Georgina Nava, 2. The Hon. Mya Analene D. Rosos-Tenorio, 3.The Hon. Andres D. Lacson, 4. The Hon. Priscilla Marie T. Abante, 5. APBC Treasurer Johnny Ching, 6. The Hon. Esteban Evan B. Contreras, 7. The Hon. Earl Tidy H. Oyas, 8. The Hon. Ruel Darvin Momo.

Last 28 March 2014, APBC Treasurer Johnny Ching hosted the 8th Delegation from the Philippines organised by the Australian Political Exchange Council. Their meeting took place inside Mr. Ching’s office at Moore Stephens Sydney West’s Pty Ltd’s office. The Philippine Delegation proposed the briefing with Mr. Ching as part of their 7-day long annual International Exchange Program.

Issues discussed were on trade and investment, as well as the Delegation’s views on Australian policies and the Australian government’s system. Ideas on improving the Philippines’ investment climate were also explored. Mr. Ching also briefed the Delegation on what the Australia Philippines Business Council is, what its role and work is, as well as projects and activities that it has done and will do.

The delegates enjoyed their time in Australia, and learned much from the exchange program last week. 

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