International Investment in Australia Up

In 2014, Australia attracted over A$140 billion in new foreign investment – up A$21.2 billion, or 17.8 per cent, over the A$119 billion invested the year before.
During the same period the total stock of Australia’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) increased 9 per cent to reach A$688 billion, or 2.2 per cent of total global FDI.

These figures were released recently with the publication of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s second annual International Investment Report.
The United States was the major source of new direct investment into Australia during the year at A32 billion. The European Union was the second largest source, at A$28 billion, of which A$13 billion came from the UK, A$9 billion from the Netherlands, and A$3 billion from Germany.

ASEAN countries injected A$33 billion into the Australian economy during the year, with A$32 billion of that amount coming from Singapore. Other significant sources of investment were Japan at A$10 billion, China at A$9 billion, and Canada at A$6 billion.

The mining industry accounted for the largest share of FDI into the country at A$265 billion, manufacturing for A$88 billion, and finance and insurance for A$67 billion.

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