Governments are swiftly enacting temporary trade measures that aim to restrict exports of essentials and to liberalise imports of vital medical supplies.

A new $110 million initiative will back Australia’s agricultural and fisheries sector by helping them export their high-quality produce into key overseas markets, with return flights bringing back vital medical supplies, medicines and equipment.

In the Philippines, the province of Bukidnon has banned exporting rice to all trade partners to ensure food security during its lockdown period. On the other hand, regardless of country of origin, importation of critical or needed healthcare equipment and supplies is exempt from import duties, taxes and other fees. The measure also allows for the simplified release of said imported goods. Covered products include test kits, ventilators, thermal scanners,. PPE, surgical equipment and supplies, medical tools and consumables.
Source: International Trade Centre (ITC); ECA, Philippine Dept of Finances (DOF)

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