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The APBC has several active committees which work to further the interests of members and bilateral trade. Should you wish to apply to join an APBC Committee, please contact the Board Member who Chairs that committee.

Contact details are available on the Executive page.

Current committees are:


The Membership Committee seeks to develop and achieve targets for membership. The paramount task of this committee is to enhance and safeguard the benefits of Council membership for the benefit of members.

EVENTS Committee

The Events Committee’s purpose is to plan, organize and execute high quality business and relevant social events that fit the overall mission of the Council and appeals to the needs of members. The events include members’ meetings, economic briefings, special topics and networking nights.


The Communications Committee is responsible for the development of content for the various resource materials of the Council. This includes the website, newsletters, journals, directory and other educational materials associated with the APBC. This committee also oversees the media outreach schemes of the Council through coordination with advertisers.

FINANCE Committee

The Finance Committee provides transparency and oversight over the annual budget of the Council. The committee also ensures the sound fiscal practices of the Council through proper derivation and expenditure of funds which is governed by the APBC Constitution.


The Mining Industry Committee focuses on Council support for the industry mainly for Australian mining companies that are interested in the Philippines. The committee also serves as a forum to communicate the industry’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the Philippines. It also provides recommendations to prospective investors, institutions and other parties on issues concerning doing business in the Philippines.

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Letter from the President

Introducing you to the Australia Philippines Business Council.

Eduard Alcordo

Thank you for your interest in the Australia Philippines Business Council, the APBC. It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to introduce you to the APBC and encourage you to join us and continue to build on the deep and enduring relationship between Philippines and Australia, their governments, their businesses and trade enterprises and their peoples.

We have been doing what we do since 1975, fostering friendship, understanding and mutual benefit between the business communities of both countries. Our primary aim has always been to promote trade, investment and technical cooperation between Australia and the Philippines.

We encourage all businesses involved in trade and business between Australia and the Philippines and their key people to join the APBC and strengthen our ability to represent the importance of personal and business links between our two countries. By joining the APBC you will help us to hear your plans and concerns so that we can do our best to take these forward to improve government policy and business outcomes.

The APBC hosts a number of events in Australia and the Philippines from time to time such as member meetings, economic briefings, special topic discussions and networking events. We do our best to have representatives of the Australian and Philippines Governments and senior members of businesses operating between the two countries at every event - having people like you involved helps make it even better.

We have a newsletter that we publish to members and friends about the council and its activities as well as developments and activities in national and international business policies, immigration policy, investments policy and other matters that will be of interests to our members. We encourage contributions from members to highlight opportunities that business and investment can offer to our members and the broader Australia-Philippines business community.

Many thanks again for taking the time to learn more about the APBC and again I encourage you to think about joining and being part of the bright future of business and community between Australian and the Philippines.


Ed Alcordo

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