Terrorism Matters

APBC Director and Defence Chair Nicole Forest Green spoke at a recent Defence Conference in Manila about terrorism and the Australia-Philippines defence relationship. The Philippines is an important regional defence and security partner to Australia due to its strategic location in South East Asia. http://www.apbc.org.au/media/909


Duterte Calls On Miners To “Shape Up”

Environment and mining groups have voiced support for president-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s call for mining companies to “shape up.” 

For a country with a rich biodiversity and island ecosystems profile like the Philippines, there is no place for illegal miners and destructive mining practices, said Ysan Castillo, secretary general of Philippine Business for Environmental Stewardship (PBEST).

A positive future for the Philippines

After a strong performance in the Philippines Presidential election campaign and the election itself on May 9, the winner Mayor of Davao Rodrigo Duterte is beginning to make his plan for the 6 years of his Presidency starting on 1 July.


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