Well at last the USA Presidential election has been run and won, by the very unlikely and highly unorthodox candidate Donald Trump.  But what will President Trump mean for the Philippines?

Contrary to much opinion that President Trump will be bad for the whole world, I believe that he will bring his business, deal making and relationship building skills to the world – if he really wants to make America great again, he will most definitely need to bring his “A” game.

Rough Times Continue For Mining In PHL

The New President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has wasted no time following through on his campaign pledge to rid the country of drugs and drug-crime.

He has instructed the police to go after all criminals and politicians engaged in this illegal industry and prosecute with the full force of the law or the gun.  It is working.  But the collateral damage among the population is beginning to be felt such that the Philippines Senate has called for the rule of law to be applied to ensure that this war on drugs does not do more damage than good.


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