Skillsets Needed by Victorian Businesses and Organisations

Skillsets Needed by Victorian Businesses and Organisations

Associate Professor Alfred Presbitero, Board Director of APBC in Victoria and MBA (International) Director at Deakin Business School delivered a presentation at the 2nd Post-Arrival Orientation Seminar for Filipino students in Melbourne on 18 March 2023. Participated in by around 60 newly arrived Filipino students from various Victorian universities including vocational schools, A/Prof Presbitero showed the current employment figures broadly in Australia and more specifically in Victoria and discussed the implications of these trends for Filipino students who are considering to work within the allowed hours granted for international student visa holders. 

He then presented the top skillsets needed by Victorian businesses and employers. These include communication skills, capability to effectively build relationships, planning, teamwork and collaboration, attention to detail, problem solving skills, organisational skills, time management, research and computing skills. 

He ended the presentation by emphasising the multicultural nature of Melbourne and added one last skillset which is needed by Victorian businesses – cross-cultural intelligence. 

The Post-Arrival Orientation Seminar for Filipino students was organised by the Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne to provide support and assistance to newly arrived Filipino students in Australia. APBC has been a supporter of the seminar given that it fosters greater integration of Filipinos into the Australian society.


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