Filipinas in Business: Celebrating Women’s Achievements in Australia and the Philippines

Filipinas in Business: Celebrating Women’s Achievements in Australia and the Philippines

Photography: Lente by JVG.

As we celebrate Women’s month, the APBC would like to extend our gratitude for our speakers, guests and partners who attended and actively participated in our recent networking event Filipinas in Business – Connecting Australia and the Philippines organized on 20 March 2024.

The event led by APBC Vice President of Victoria Janeca Gross was an incredible success, celebrating the achievements and resilience of intersectional women who have made their dreams a reality in both Australia and the Philippines. We were honoured to have such an esteemed lineup of speakers who shared their inspiring stories and insights.

The APBC would like to thank moderator Johanna Nonato, our speakers—Jazmine Flores, Celia Torres-Villanueva PhD GAICD, and Fatima Everitt—who brought a unique perspective and demonstrated the remarkable tenacity and veracity of women in various sectors. Their stories truly showcased the unwavering spirit of Filipino values and the impact of women-led initiatives.

We were privileged to have the presence of esteemed guests such as Philippine Consul General in Melbourne, Maria Lourdes Salcedo, and Global Victoria Senior Manager for Southeast Asia, Laura Burke. Their contributions added depth to our discussions, shedding light on the current landscape of women-owned and -led companies and the need for greater representation in key sectors.

As we reflect on the insights shared and connections made during the event, let us continue to support and uplift each other in our respective endeavours. Together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable society where every woman have the opportunity to thrive.

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