Business and Investment missions held by The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines and APBC

Business and Investment missions held by The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines and APBC

The Australian Philippines Business Council (APBC) and The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines recently hosted 2 business mission events named ‘Doing Business in the Philippines – Australia Edition 2024’ which was held in April across Melbourne and Sydney promoting bilateral trade and investment opportunities from the Philippines. The first event was held at the Museo Italia in Melbourne on 9 April 2024 and welcomed distinguished guests from the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (ICCPI) alongside key government and private sector representatives.

The business mission events facilitated updates on trade and investment opportunities in the Philippines, with a special focus on key industries such as agriculture, tourism, and information technology. Melbourne opened with speakers Ms. Veronica Misciattelli, CEO of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia – Melbourne, and Mr. Sergio Boero, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, Inc. The event also included APBC representative Vice President of Victoria Janeca Gross and Consul General Maria Lourdes Salcedo from the Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne, generating the significance of the event and ensured the robust economic ties between the two nations.

A parallel event was held in Sydney on 11 April 2024, the APBC representatives included Vice President of New South Wales Mr. George Votava and Director of Communications, Events and PR Mr. John Tantoco, who collaborated with the ICCPU ad held at Vessel Dining and Bar. The Sydney event showcased a range of investment and trade opportunities from the Philippines, drawing attention from additional government officials, business leaders, industry experts and APBC members.

ICCPI President Sergio Boero and Rachelle Grassi, CEO & Secretary General of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia, opened the evening filled insightful presentations, discussions and networking opportunities. Key presentations were delivered by Mr. Lorens Ziller, Executive Director of the ICCPI, and Consul Commercial/Special Trade Representative Ms. Alma F. Argayoso from Philippine Trade and Investment Centre Sydney/DTI highlighted strategic insights into the current business landscape and the thriving Philippine economy.

Additional presentations from Engr. Anthony Peter D. Crisologo, Director of the Philippine Reclamation Authority provided the latest business and investment opportunity projects across Manila Bay and Ms. Elvie Sanchez-Quiazon, Regional Governor at the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) – NCR provided further tourism industry insights and encouraged exploration and investment in the vibrant tourism sector of the Philippines, advocating for cultural immersion and economic growth.

To Australia, the Philippines is an important trade and investment partner, with the Philippine economy growing at an average of six per cent per year – one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. In September 2023, Australia and the Philippines elevated their relationship to a Strategic Partnership. Business missions and events held by the ICCPU and the APBC provide ongoing supporting and commitment to fostering a mutually beneficial trade relationships for both Australia and the Philippines.

The APBC is the premier business organisation dedicated to promoting trade and investment between Australia and the Philippines. To become an Australia Philippines Business Council member visit

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