MindTribes works with both Australian and Multinational corporates to develop Intercultural Business Capability. This means working from a job centric view to accelerate competence when working in a foreign climate.

We ask the question, what do you need to do differently to buy, sell, service, negotiate and manage in a culturally different environment?

We have found that corporates who don’t invest in growing cultural competence suffer unrealised sales, low customer satisfaction metrics, staff turnover and poor integration.

Our differentiator is that we don’t just focus on cultural training. We focus on operational and business performance when two or more foreign climates come together. Our approach is partnering with a client to deliver customised cultural diagnostics and training, followed by rigorous performance coaching and longitudinal measurements of performance improvement. Unique to MindTribes is the MIBQ, the Intercultural Business Questionnaire that maps Australia-India-The Philippines-Singapore-Malaysia-Sri Lanka-Fiji-Japan-US-UK-Africa. There is no other company that focusses on cross cultural business competence in this niche way.
Applications of MindTribes services are in offshoring, outsourcing, multinational corporates, mergers, acquisitions and expatriate relocations. Our clients are leaders in the credit card, banking, online-education and global relocation industries.

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