The Philippines Australia Studies Centre (PASC) at La Trobe was formally established at a meeting on 8 October, 2003. PASC is a joint venture between La Trobe University and Ateneo de Manila University (Ateneo) in the Philippines, and stems from the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two universities in March 2000 and renewed for a further 5 years in June, 2005. We have had a student exchange agreement since 2007 and we are set to renew our MOU in 2010. We have had four bilateral meetings: three in Manila (January, 2000; February, 2005; June, 2007); and two in Melbourne (April, 2001, July, 2009) and one each in Bangkok (June, 2007) and Perth and Mildura and Bendigo (July, 2009). The Philippines Australia Studies Network (PASN) office is established at Ateneo de Manila University with matching resources. Both PASC and PASN are committed to extending the research network. To that end La Trobe University has recently signed an MOU with the University of the Philippines (January, 2010).

Our partner organisation at Ateneo is the Philippines Australia Studies Network. We have had three bilateral meetings: Manila (January, 2000); Melbourne (April, 2001); and the third in February, 2003 at Ateneo. The initiator of this agreement was Professor Dennis Altman, Politics Program, and the greater part of activity and commitment has been provided by the School of Social Sciences.

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