We have spent the last 6 years perfecting VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone systems which means you can take advantage of the internet to make cheaper, often free calls.

And because we offer the market’s most stable, best quality systems we’ve partnered with leading technology providers including HP, IBM and Polycom.

And while our competitors struggle with different, cheaper partners our investment in technology means unprecedented uptime, rock-solid stability and a set of features you won’t find elsewhere.

We have different data centres located across the world for redundancy so in the unlikely event of a problem your system will automatically failover and you won’t miss a beat.

Sure beats relying on an old-fashioned PABX which could be out of action for days.

And our agreements with partners mean we deliver all this at a price much lower than anyone else.

Everything you and your company are looking for, right?

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+61 1300 835 342