APBC 38th Annual General Meeting Results

The 38th Annual General Meeting was held on First Pacific Capital Underwriters Pty Ltd, Level 11, Norwich House, 6 – 10 O’Connell Street at 9 April 2014. Here is the new Executive Committee:


Office Holders: 

President: Eduard Alcordo, Director, First Pacific Capital Underwriters;

Vice-President NSW: Robert Dunn, CEO, Opportunity International Australia;

Vice-President Victoria: Neil Grimes, Executive General Manager Corporate
                                       Development VP International Business, IndoPhil NL;

Vice-President Queensland: Rafael Toda, Todax Consultancy Pty Ltd;

Honorary Treasurer: Johnny Ching, Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu;
Acting Corporate Secretary: Johnny Ching, Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu;

Public Officer: Gavan Collery, VP Corporate Affairs, IndoPhil NL;

Executive Members:

Dipsy Altomonte, Managing Director/Owner, Imago Communications;

Rene Benitez, Managing Director, Fortman Cline Australiasia;

Greg Kater, Chairman, DG Global Mining Pty Ltd;

Ramon Ramajo, Investment Intermediary, Mercantile Insurance Company Inc.;

Marte Tagle, Principal Consultant, Redland Consulting Pty Ltd;

Immediate Past President: Millie Telan, Principal, Telan Lawyers.

Clive Troy, Infratex (Australia) Pty;

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