Rough Times Continue For Mining In PHL

The New President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has wasted no time following through on his campaign pledge to rid the country of drugs and drug-crime.

He has instructed the police to go after all criminals and politicians engaged in this illegal industry and prosecute with the full force of the law or the gun.  It is working.  But the collateral damage among the population is beginning to be felt such that the Philippines Senate has called for the rule of law to be applied to ensure that this war on drugs does not do more damage than good.

Priority Industry Clusters Trumps 2015 Targets

The six National Priority Industry Clusters of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry – Regional Operations Group (DTI-ROG) surpassed its 2015 annual targets for investments by 157% and domestic sales by 177% by posting a total of P3.317 billion of investments and P4.532 billion domestic sales. 

Likewise, it also surpassed its 2015 targets for jobs generated by 139%, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) created and assisted by 110% and 157%, respectively. 

Terrorism Matters

APBC Director and Defence Chair Nicole Forest Green spoke at a recent Defence Conference in Manila about terrorism and the Australia-Philippines defence relationship. The Philippines is an important regional defence and security partner to Australia due to its strategic location in South East Asia.



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