Philippines scores good marks in global competitiveness report

In the latest results of the Global Competitiveness Index released by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Philippines jumped seven notches to 52th place from 59th last year.

It is is now ranked 5th of nine in the ASEAN and is at the cusp of breaking into the top third of global rankings. The country recorded the largest gain in ASEAN this year.

  • Ambassador Anota Updates APBC

    Special thanks to Ambassador Anota, Consul General Jalandon-on Louis and Trade Representative Emmanuel Ang for attending the monthly APBC meeting for the month of August. The Ambassador and her team gave an update of certain mining and business outcomes in relation to the recently concluded PAMM 2014 held in the Philippines last February.  In addition to this, there was a friendly understanding regarding collaboration of news and business articles between the Department of Trade and Industries and the APBC .

  • Minister Andrew Robb
  • ‘Team Australia’ approach in pursuing trade opportunities

    Australian ministers responsible for trade and investment recently agreed to adopt a ‘Team Australia’ approach in both promoting the nation’s strengths to the world and in pursuing commercial opportunities.

    This was one of the outcomes of the second Trade and Investment Ministers’ Meeting, held in Cairns last 12th September, which brought together representatives from all states and territories and the Commonwealth.


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