Exciting News for Bilateral Trade Between Australia and the Philippines

Exciting News for Bilateral Trade Between Australia and the Philippines

Australia Philippines Business Council (APBC) is thrilled to witness the positive impact of Prime Minister Albanese’s visit to Manila during September of 2023. The recent elevation of bilateral relations between Australia and the Philippines to a Strategic Partnership paves the way for stronger economic ties.

APBC President, Rafael Toda sat down for an interview with SBS’ TJ Correa on 21 September. Mr. Toda anticipates increased economic engagement and a more streamlined trade and investment system thanks to this partnership. However, he recognizes that addressing the trade imbalance remains a challenge.

In a separate interview with SBS, National Development Company of the Philippines General Manager Anton Mauricio was in Australia for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Melbourne and meeting with entrepreneurs and the private sector.

GM Mauricio encourages fellow Filipinos in Australia to invest in the Philippines, even through simple actions like opening a savings account or engaging in money market placements, especially in the digital age of transactions.

Listen to the APBC Rafael Toda’s interview.

Listen to General Manager Anton Mauricio’s interview

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